What’s the Best Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding?

by Katherine

face 3 300x200 Whats the Best Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding?

Because your wedding day is so special, it must be perfect from every angle. This means your makeup should be absolutely flawless and perfect for everyone to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as you glide down the aisle. This is one of the many reasons why brides choose airbrush makeup for weddings. However, not every company’s offerings are on the mark. To help you decide, here are some airbrush makeup reviews to help you find the best airbrush makeup for wedding.

Kett Cosmetics

Kett Cosmetics is a favorite brand for fashion, makeup and photography. Professionals swear by Kett Cosmetics because of the company’s products. However, there are two factors preventing Kett from being the best airbrush makeup for a wedding:

•        Expensive kit price – Most spas and salons may not use Kett Cosmetics for airbrush makeup for wedding because the kit’s price.  The refills are also expensive (despite offering a higher quantity) .

•        Still need to use conventional makeup – Kett Cosmetics doesn’t offer a comprehensive airbrush makeup for wedding experience. You can only get airbrush foundation, contouring and blush.

If you do find Kett Cosmetics at your salon, remember that you’ll pay a hefty price for an incomplete airbrushed look. However, the results are good.


Temptu is a well known airbrush makeup manufacturer. Used by individuals and professionals alike, Temptu offers two airbrush makeup pods for a good price. However, like Kett Cosmetics, Temptu only offers foundation, blush and contouring. So, you won’t get the full airbrush makeup for wedding experience you want. Besides, Temptu contains silicone and requires setting powder, so women with oily skin won’t reap the benefits Temptu’s formula has to offer. Still, a salon offering Temptu’s airbrush makeup for wedding will ensure you of a reasonable cost and a lasting finish for 18 hours.

Luminess Air

Luminess Air offers a more comprehensive range of products for your airbrush makeup for wedding needs. You can use airbrush eye shadows, airbrush lip color and much more to get the airbrushed finish you want. You won’t even need to pay too much for your makeup. However, Luminess’ formula isn’t as good as Temptu and Kett Cosmetics. Despite consisting mainly of water and minerals, the formula doesn’t last very long and you won’t get the perfect finish offered by others.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Dinair Airbrush Makeup is probably the best airbrush makeup for wedding because its kit is affordable and comprehensive. Besides, the products are 100% water-based and hypoallergenic. Therefore, regardless of your skin type, Dinair’s formula will agree with your skin.  Dinair is mainly developed for HDTV, which means even the scrutinizing lens of a camera won’t be able to find or focus on your imperfections. So, you’ll look your best on your wedding day and in your pictures.

Now that you know all about the main airbrush makeup for wedding kits, make your choice wisely and guarantee you’ll look your best on your wedding day.

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    Yah, I agree with you that air brush makeup is best choice for brides because it is lighter than traditional makeup. Thanks for sharing this post.

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