Wedding Makeup

by Katherine

Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is all about subtle perfection and creating a bridal look that transforms the bride on her big day.

Wedding Makeup Tips

bridemakeup 300x213 Wedding MakeupWhether doing your own makeup or having a professional makeup artist complete the look, make sure you incorporate these tips for glowing skin and a perfect pout.

Wedding makeup shouldn’t overpower a bride’s natural features.  In thirty years, brides still want to be able to show their wedding makeup pictures to their children and have their children recognize them! Therefore, one of the most important aspects of wedding makeup is foundation. A good foundation job will make skin look glowing and flawless, not to mention timeless.

Wedding Makeup Tips

Get the low-down on all the latest wedding makeup trends and tips.  This section is particularly helpful for DIY brides.

Wedding makeup foundation is increasingly being done by professionals with airbrushing. This is one of the greatest wedding makeup ideas since waterproof mascara, and gives unparalleled results for brides. Airbrushing wedding makeup tips include highlighting and contouring with the airbrush since blending is so easy with an airbrush. Since airbrush foundation doesn’t smudge off on clothes, you can also enhance your décolletage with airbrush makeup.  One of the better airbrush systems comes from Dinair, a company with nearly thirty years in the airbrush industry one that truly knows the ins and outs of airbrush makeup.

Wedding Makeup Hints

For DIY brides, thinking about your wedding makeup can seem daunting. Make sure you start practicing a couple of months before the big day for perfect results.

Wedding makeup is something you should be prepared to spend a little bit of money on. Wedding makeup prices definitely vary, but the median price range with a trial is generally around $250.  Some artists charge a lot less, some charge a lot more, so shopping around for someone you like and someone you can afford is important.  You want to make sure you ‘get’ with your wedding makeup artist. Therefore, you should start looking for one at least 2 or 3 months before the wedding date.

All about Wedding Makeup

The idea of good wedding makeup varies from person to person. Some people think everything should be larger than life on the wedding day, while others believe that a more natural look is the way to go.  Regardless of the wedding style you choose, looking fresh-faced, bright-eyed and radiant is very important.

You can cover the fresh-face and radiant look with an airbrush, and if you want the bright-eyed look, you should carefully place a highlighter color in the corners of the eye, right below the brow and in the center.  These three places are essential for making eyes shine, both in pictures and in real-life. Also, if your eyes look a little dull, soft white eyeliner on the waterline will open them instantly.  A navy blue eyeliner on the waterline will make the whites of your eyes look whiter, but make sure you apply it carefully so it doesn’t come off too strong.

Get the Best Wedding Makeup

For the best wedding makeup on your lips, use two lip color shades of lip color for your wedding makeup.  They shouldn’t actually look like two separate shades, but when the darker shade is carefully blended into the corners of your mouth, it will give the illusion of depth and full, pouty lips.  You can also use a pencil first in the corners, and then apply your lipstick.  Also, powdering your lips before applying lip color helps make the color last longer and stay kiss-proof. Finally, you can press a very light touch of reflective pearl eye shadow into the center of the bottom lip to your lips a full pout.

Wedding Makeup Ideas

Follow these wedding makeup ideas, and you’ll be sure to look your absolute best on your wedding day.  Enjoy!

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