Tools For Successful DIY Bridal Makeup

by Katherine

Tools For Successful DIY Bridal Makeup

Many brides choose to do their own makeup on the big day instead of having a bridal makeup artist. If you are a DIY bride, we can teach you about the different makeup tools you’ll need for a successful and gorgeous bridal look.

Bridal Makeup Toolkit

Getting bridal makeup right is all about having the right makeup tools. Make sure you have the essential items we recommend in your toolkit to get the bridal makeup look you want.

If you are planning on doing your own bridal makeup, make sure you start planning and practicing at least two months prior to the big day.  That way, you will feel totally comfortable and confident in your abilities once the wedding day comes around.

DIY Bridal Makeup

DIY bridal makeup can be lots of fun to learn.  Not to mention you get to take all the credit for your unforgettable look!

Foundation is the key to any bridal look, so focus on getting that right first.  One of the best secrets from bridal makeup artists is to use the latest technology and airbrush your foundation.  Using an airbrush for foundation, highlighting, contouring and blush is one of the best bridal makeup tips for a DIY bride. Why? Because it is extremely easy to apply, goes on flawlessly, gives an unparalleled coverage and lasts a long time. Airbrush foundation also makes skin look naturally flawless rather than as if the bride has on a lot of makeup, which all brides dream of.

Bridal Makeup Essentials

For Indian bridal makeup, a look that requires quite heavy contouring, using an airbrush is particularly important so that the contouring looks natural and is blended well. Without an airbrush, Indian bridal makeup can sometimes look like a close-up of a Monet painting!

Therefore, if you plan on doing your own makeup for wedding, we highly recommend purchasing an airbrush kit, like one from Dinair, well in advance to the big day.  With regular practice, you’ll also most likely want to use it for your everyday makeup as well.

Primer is also essential for bridal makeup. Most airbrush makeup manufacturers have primer, so make sure that primer comes with the kit.  Should you need more, primer is widely available in department stores. Primers help the makeup sit on your skin, soften the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and also help your makeup last longer.

Essential Bridal Makeup Tools

There are a few things a DIY bride should not be without when doing her bridal makeup, Make sure you have everything you need to get the flawless look you want.

Having the right brushes is another important part of doing your own bridal makeup. If you are using an airbrush for foundation, you will want a fluffy brush for blending (brush type #224 is great), an angled brush for intricate details, a flat brush with a small head for applying color, a lip brush, and a large powder brush.  The fluffy brush you use to blend will be your best friend for the bridal makeup photos, since anything that isn’t blended well will be very obvious in the pictures. So blend, blend, blend with that fluffy #224!

Bridal Makeup Toolbox

Aside from the makeup itself, the application tools used for bridal makeup are of paramount importance. Make sure you have all the essentials in your bridal toolbox.

One of the best bridal makeup ideas that some brides don’t care for is to use fake eyelashes. If you want an Indian bridal makeup look, you basically have to use a full set.  But even for subtler bridal makeup looks, using false lashes can really make a difference. Start by trying a half set, or even just placing a few individual lashes on the outer corners. You’ll be thankful when you see the bridal makeup pictures, and see how much thicker and luscious your lashes look.

Once you have your tool kit, practice at least once a week.  That way, when the big day finally arrives, you’ll feel totally confident and like a makeup pro yourself.

Tools for Bridal Makeup

While most makeup artists will have the proper tools for bridal makeup, if you are a DIY bride, chances are you may be missing a couple of essentials. Make sure you have all the tools of the trade for the best makeup look on your big day.

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