Indian Bride Makeup

by Katherine

Indian Bride Makeup

Known for its drama and colorful flare, Indian bridal makeup is all about elegance, a flawless look, and style.

About Indian Bride Makeup

When people think of Indian bride makeup, the dramatic eyes are usually what come to mind first.  The eyes in Indian bridal indianbridemakeup 200x300 Indian Bride Makeupmakeup typically have a lot of eye shadow, liner and a full set of fake eyelashes. Makeup artists blend Indian bride makeup very well, since many Indian brides look demurely down and their eyelids and eye shadow are usually easy to see.

Indian Bride Makeup Traditions

Heavily lined with kohl, the eyes of an Indian bride scream drama and glamour. An Indian bride’s makeup is designed to make her stand out from everyone else at the wedding.

Indian bride makeup also typically matches the Indian bridal costume, which is just as lavish and dramatic as the makeup itself.  Indian bridal costumes typically consist of a heavily-embroidered sari or lehenga (skirt) and a bridal dupata (a very heavily embroidered cloth that sits on the head or over one shoulder).  Red is the traditional color of bridal costumes.

Discover Indian Bride Makeup

Most Indian brides look like heavenly creatures when they are all adorned in their costumes and jewelry, mainly due to the effect of their Indian bridal makeup.

Indian brides also wear extensive and intricate jewelry, so Indian bride makeup often has to compete with gold jewelry sets, earring that are five or since inches long, thick necklaces, and bridal tikkas, which drape down from the center of the head onto the forehead. The effect the makeup, bridal costume and jewelry have when they’re all combined?  Stunning.

Secrets of Indian Bride Makeup

A great way to see the various types of Indian bride makeup out there is to watch Indian bridal makeup videos.  There are plenty of videos, pictures, and how-to articles about the look and how to achieve it. An interesting fact that not that many people know about Indian bride makeup is that it’s heavily contoured.  And airbrush makeup is an excellent way to flawlessly contour, so a common Indian bridal makeup tip is to use an airbrush to create the detail you want.

Traditional Indian Bride Makeup

Traditional bridal makeup in India and the subcontinent focuses on drama and mystique. While the bride herself may be demure and reserved, her makeup sure isn’t!

Like all wedding makeup, Indian bridal looks rely on having a flawless foundation base. Dinair, a top airbrush makeup company, has excellent airbrush foundations that are ideal for Indian brides, particularly since they often have to sit for hours on stage during the wedding ceremony. Using an airbrush to contour is much easier and natural-looking than doing it by hand, and also helps diminish the ‘painted-on’ look that some Indian brides can have.

A fun way to learn about Indian bridal makeup is also to play on of the many available online Indian bridal makeup games.  The games are reminiscent of playing dress up, and they have all the Indian bridal costume accessories available so you can see how they will look together.

Information on Indian Bride Makeup

Indian bridal makeup is known for being very dramatic. This section discusses Indian bridal traditions and henna.

One of the most important aspects of Indian bridal makeup has nothing to do with the face at all.  Mendi, (henna tattoos), are applied to the hands, forearms and feet of an Indian bride in a special ceremony before an Indian wedding, which consists of four or five different ceremonies on different days. Henna is applied in floral or geometric patterns, and there is an old folk saying that the darker the henna becomes on your hands, the deeper your husband’s love will grow.

  • Ishita

    Marriage is the most important event in Indian society.
    All girls have a dream from their childhood, that they look best in their Bridal outfit.
    This Topic gives us an overall idea about traditional Indian makeup____

  • Khush Singh mKarma Group

    Nice Post.  Good point about adding the Mehndi.  As a Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist I can attest that any advice that helps to alleviate a Bride's stress is worth it.  Always remember the eyes though.

    Khush Singh Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist
    Khush Singh – Celebrity & Indian Bridal Makeup Artist

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