Bride Makeup Tips

by Katherine

Bride Makeup Tips

Getting the right advice is just as important as getting the right bridal makeup.

Bride Makeup Tips and Tricks

Getting bridal makeup right can be a little tricky. With the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, perfecting bridal makeup will be a whole lot easier.

Wedding makeup differs from regular everyday makeup in many ways.  It has to be beautiful, yet not overpowering.  It should look natural, and yet still show up in the wedding pictures.  While bride makeup looks vary across different cultures (and even from bride to bride), one constant remains: the perfect foundation is a must regardless of the look the wedding makeup sets out to achieve.

Bride Makeup Tips and Secrets

Find out all the tips and secrets for great bridal makeup and pouty lips, flawless skin and dewy eyes.  One of the best bride makeup tips for achieving a flawless, natural look is to use airbrush foundation. While celebrities and movie stars have used airbrush makeup for years, makeup artists have started using airbrush foundation on brides.  So if you want to hear one of the best bride makeup ideas around, it is to airbrush away.

Must-have Bride Makeup Tips

Dinair, a leader in airbrush makeup, makes a great at-home airbrushing system.  Their foundations include many of ‘Kandee the Makeup Arist’s’ must-haves for brides.  Their airbrush application method allows the makeup to glide evenly across the skin to create a glow that doesn’t even look like makeup. Airbrush foundations also last twice as long as traditional makeup and are smudge-proof – ideal for the many kisses and hugs brides receive on their wedding day.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Eyes

Regardless of the look the bride is going after, there are three main eye areas she should highlight to help her achieve a wide-awake, fresh look: the inner corner, the middle of the lid, and just under the arch of the brow. These three areas are especially important for the pictures, since they can add dimension to the eye and prevent it from looking flat. Other bride makeup tips for eyes include using a heavier eyeliner than normal (not necessarily ‘Goth’, but a solid line to really accentuate the eye).  This is very important for the wedding pictures, since photography tends to wash out makeup. Also, a few well-placed false lashes on the outer corner of the eye can really give fullness to the lashes and emphasize the eyes.

Bride Beauty Tips

One of the best bride beauty tips is to make sure that you schedule your last facial at least two weeks before the actual wedding day.  Schedule a facial any closer, and you risk having any breakouts or impurities from the facial still visible.  If you do get a zit or blemish around the time of your wedding, keep your hands off!  Zits heal much better when left alone.  For breakout emergencies, you can always go to the dermatologist for a zap of cortisone that can help shrink the zit to nothing.  But leave that for an emergency only!

Bride Makeup Tips for Lips

Full, pouty lips are all about shading. When you shade a slightly darker lip liner into the corners of the mouth, it gives the illusion of a fuller pout.  The goal is to make the lip liner look like a natural shadow, so subtlety is key. Create the look the right way, and everyone will wonder where you got your full pout from.

Another trick is to press a tiny amount of shimmer eye shadow onto the middle of the bottom lip.  The shimmer eye shadow reflects light and makes the lips look full and lush.

DIY Bride Makeup Tips

More and more brides are choosing to go DIY for their makeup. If you decide to go that route, make sure that you know all the right tips and advice well before the big day so your DIY makeup stands out, and for the right reasons.

For more tips on getting perfects pouts and flawless skin, read some essential DIY bridal makeup tips online.

Simple and Easy Bride Makeup Tips

Bridal makeup doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  As long as you know what you are doing and the look you want, you can achieve it.  Be sure to practice beforehand and follow the tips on our site and take the guess work out of bridal makeup.  With the right bridal makeup tips, you can have flawless skin, pouty lips and alluring eyes on your special day.

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