Bride Makeup Ideas

by Katherine

Bride Makeup Ideas


Bride makeup is special makeup designed to make brides look amazing on their wedding day.

2010 Bride Makeup Ideas

Bridal makeup is all about natural with just a hint of drama. Get all the latest bridal makeup ideas for the 2010 season.bride ideas 240x300 Bride Makeup Ideas

The best bride makeup ideas take into consideration what the bride’s dress looks like and also the overall theme of the wedding.  Bride makeup ideas also depend on the different bride hair ideas floating around so the two can create one stunning look.

Bride Makeup Ideas and Trends

For the latest in bridal makeup trends and ideas this 2010 is all about natural styles and soft, romantic looks.  The bride makeup looks for bridal makeup 2010 are all about the smoky eye with a neutral face and lips or bold lips with a neutral eye – but NOT both. Color is creeping back into bridal makeup as bronze, purples and jewel colors are making a comeback, but always in subtle, muted tones. Bright 80’s eyes are not okay for bride makeup looks.

2010 Trends: Bride Makeup Ideas

Bridal makeup is going neutral this season, with the odd hint of color—match smoky eyes with soft Grecian curls for the ultimate romantic bridal look.

The current trend for brides’ hairstyles is very natural and understated, with soft curls and an artfully placed ribbon or flower rather than hard, rigid up-dos. Brides are also taking bride hair ideas from the 50’s, such as sleek barrel curls and side-swept low chignons with a silk flower behind the ear.

Bride Makeup Ideas and Trends

This year’s bridal trends go back to past eras, such as the 1950’s pin-up look or the Grecian grace of Helen of Troy.  The bridal makeup ideas for 2010 are all about creating a focal point—lips or eyes stand out, both not both.

Bride makeup ideas for 50’s hairstyles favor dramatic lips over dramatic eyes. Many brides are choosing red lips with a nude eye.  Black eyeliner (think a muted Dita Von Teese) also goes well with a 50’s style. The smoky, bronze eye is a perfect match for Grecian curls. Bride makeup tips for the smoky eye look include staying away from black makeup, even for eyeliner. Rather, mahogany or dark brown shades should be used.  This helps keep the bride looking glowing and healthy instead of over-the-top or harsh.

Bride Makeup Ideas for 2010

The current trend for eyebrows is that they stay natural-looking and thicker than in years past – over-tweezing is out. Bridal makeup 2010 is all about a natural look with an added touch here and there, so keep everything soft, natural and glowing.

For wedding makeup ideas, it’s a good idea to cut out pictures and keep them in a scrapbook.  At the very least, Google different looks. Whether you will be doing your own makeup or getting it professionally done, bride makeup ideas are much easier to explain when you have a picture in hand.  After all, two people’s idea of what ‘soft pink’ means can vary widely. So if you have a specific look in mind, look for a picture.  Pictures are also excellent ways to get bride makeup ideas you may not have thought of before.

Bride makeup ideas can also come from your favorite celebrities.  If you love the way a particular celebrity looks, look through her pictures and see if you can incorporate elements of her style or look into your bridal makeup.

Bride Makeup Ideas and Hair Trends

Bridal hair and makeup should always be thought of together—this season is all about soft and romantic or sleek and elegant.

Finally, match your hair and makeup to your gown.  Full gowns do not go well with big hair.  If you want a full gown, neutral makeup with a sleek hairdo is a better choice.  Fitted gowns can work with big hair, but if you have a big hairdo, play your makeup down. Essentially, you want to keep your look balanced.  Don’t make your hair, dress, or features compete with one another.  Instead, blend everything together to create one overall bridal look.

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