Airbrush Wedding Makeup

by Katherine

Airbrush Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is a true art form that every bride wants to get right. Airbrush wedding makeup is increasingly the makeup of choice for many brides who want to enjoy the flawless results it gives.

bride 240x300 Airbrush Wedding MakeupAs a professional makeup artist who has created looks for countless weddings, I have spent years comparing different products and ways to make brides look stunning.  My experience has taught me that when it comes to creating the look they want and having it last, a bride’s best friend is an airbrush.

If you’ve never tried airbrush makeup before, you may be a bit hesitant about trying something brand-new for your wedding.  So if you have enough time, have a couple airbrush wedding makeup demos done beforehand.  I guarantee that once your try it, you won’t want anything else for your big day.

The main reason brides love airbrush makeup so much are the superior results they can achieve with it when comparing it to regular makeup that’s applied with a brush.  Airbrush makeup goes on in a very fine mist, so you look like you have flawless skin without any makeup on.  That’s an A++ point for me.

In addition, airbrush wedding makeup lasts much, much longer than traditional makeup.  It stays on for a solid 10-16 hours, so brides don’t have to worry about having to touch up their makeup constantly.  When you think about how many people brides have to hug and kiss on their wedding day, this is a major plus!  Airbrush makeup also doesn’t come off if a bride sweats, which is nice.

One client I airbrushed for her wedding left her foundation on overnight, and reported back that her skin looked flawless for the next too!  Since airbrush foundation allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t clog pores, she was able to leave it on her skin without worrying.  Another great trick I’ve learned over the years is to continue applying the airbrush wedding makeup into the décolletage.  Just like how celebrity makeup artists airbrush abs and pecs onto male movie stars, you can have the illusion of a full bust when you apply airbrush makeup into the cleavage.

Airbrush wedding makeup also includes blush, highlighters and eye shadows. Some of the prettiest and subtlest eye makeup I’ve seen on brides was created with an airbrush, and airbrushes are definitely precise enough to create the most stunning eye.

Since a bride should feel 100% confident and comfortable with her makeup and the products she decides to use on her wedding day, if you are new to airbrush wedding makeup and don’t know much about it, I highly recommend going through our website and reading our information and recommendations.  Also, you should find a salon that offers airbrushing in your area so you can completely understand the benefits of using airbrush makeup on your wedding day.

  • Ishita

    All girls have a dream from their childhood, that they look best in their Bridal outfit. This airbrush makeup is really superb______

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