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Welcome to, the top resource for brides-to-be who want to learn more about all the different bride makeup options available. As the ‘Big Day’ gets closer, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place to learn all you need to know about bride makeup.  We cover wedding makeup tips, ideas, and suggestions to make your special day absolutely perfect.


If you want inspiration and ideas for what look you want to achieve, browse our galleries and examples of wedding dresses and bride makeup below to help you decide.  Your overall look (dress, hair, and makeup), should reflect your personality and allow your radiant beauty to shine.

Whether you choose a glamorous, traditional, chic or contemporary look, we will explain how to achieve the look you want. If you are Asian or Indian and want to focus on Asian bride makeup or Indian bride makeup, we have a variety of resources for you as well.

Bridal Bombshells

bombshell bride 300x153

So which bride makeup look will you choose?

Strictly Glamour:

femme bride 240x300
Glamorous bride makeup can make you into a retro goddess or dramatic femme fatale.

Fun, Relaxed:

casual beach wedding dresses 209x300

A perfect choice for casual or beach weddings. Fling off your heels and make your bride makeup look as carefree as you!

Romantic, Whimsical:

princess bride 206x300

Full of femininity and grace, a romantic look will make you look like a beautiful princess.


classic bride 200x300

A traditional look will allow your timeless beauty to light up the room.


contemporary bride 195x300

Contemporary bridal looks are chic, modern and minimal.


bohemian bride 200x300 BRIDEMAKEUP.orgTo bring out your inner flower child or free spirit, go with a Bohemian bride makeup look.

Bridal Makeup Toolkit

Once you decide on the look you want, our Bride Makeup Toolkit will give you everything you need to create a look that will last through the ceremony, pictures, reception, and in the mind and heart of your husband forever.  Our bridal makeup ideas will help you decide on a look, our DIY bride makeup guides will show you how to create the look you want, and our bridal makeup tips will help you stay gorgeous throughout the day.


Airbrushing is the method preferred by wedding makeup artists and brides alike for a variety of reasons.  Let us count the ways why airbrush is the best choice for your bridal makeup…

  1. Airbrush makeup lasts all day long: through hugs, tears, and multiple camera flashes.  It doesn’t smear on your dress (or your guests), and you won’t need to touch it up throughout the day since airbrush makeup lasts much longer than traditional makeup.
  2. Your wedding pictures will remind you of your special day forever, so you want to make sure you’re camera ready.  Makeup artists have used airbrush makeup on actresses and models for years because of the flawless finish it has for the camera. You can hide any acne, spots, wrinkles, and even dark circles.
  3. You can choose between being professionally airbrushed and doing it yourself.  Most professional makeup artists are skilled in airbrushing, but with a little practice you could certainly apply it yourself as well.  Just be sure you practice enough before your wedding day if you plan to DIY airbrush your bride makeup.


So you’ve been waxed, exfoliated, wrapped in honey… remember to get a healthy tan too! Since summer is the peak season for weddings, you’ll want your skin to look naturally bronzed and healthy.

Airbrush tanning for weddings is the best way to achieve a tanned, silky-smooth look on both your face and your body.  You can hide imperfections and stretch marks and get an even, natural-looking glow with bridal airbrush tanning.  While traditional tanners can leave you bright orange and the sun can leave you burned or with bathing suit marks, airbrush tanning is a foolproof way to get the look you want: natural, healthy and beautiful.

A Skincare Timeline for Brides

12 months prior to the big day

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, get lots of sleep, and moisturize your skin.  Reduce your alcohol and sugar intake and remember to drink plenty of water. Also, get regular exercise to help relieve stress and boost your health. Meet with a certified personal trainer if you want to your body or lose weight.  

Wear sunscreen year round, not just in the summer or on sunny days. Gray weather still contains UV rays from the sun that can cause wrinkles and sun damage.  Start protecting your skin now, and choose a healthy alternative instead, like airbrush tanning for weddings.

3-6 months before

Decide if you want to hire a bride makeup professional for your wedding day. Contact several makeup artists, and ask for a demonstration so you can choose a person you feel comfortable with. By doing this now, you have time to improve any skin conditions so your makeup application is easier on your wedding day.

Begin a facial routine with a professional aesthetician so you can see which products work best with your skin type.  Ask your doctor about supplements for healthy hair, skin and nails. Also, consider visiting a professional dietician, herbalist or homeopath for personalized detoxification advice.

1-2 months before

Find an eyebrow stylist you trust at least a month prior to your wedding day.  Once you have that person you trust, make your brow appointment for 2-3 days before your wedding.  Make sure your hands and feet are wedding-ready too, and start a manicure and pedicure routine.  Once again, skip the harmful rays on the beach and the tanning beds and book an airbrush tanning appointment just before the wedding.

A perfect choice for casual or beach weddings. Fling off your heels and make your bride makeup look as carefree as you!